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STI Check

STI is Sexually Transmitted Infection.
Do you worry or think that you have been exposed to a STI?
Do you want clean bill of health before you decide to have sex with new partner?
Have been having unprotected sex or think your partner has?
It's smart to be tested.
Whatever your reason we can help you to get tested and to provide the treatment and other advises about the prevention of STIs.Testing could be done by various methods, checking your urine, blood or taking swabs from the infected sites.

There are many STIs such as
Mycoplasma genitalialium
Genital warts
Genital herpes
HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B & C

Even if you don't have any symptoms you can still have the infection.
Regardless of your sexuality -straight /gay / lesbian /bisexual you can still have the infection.
The only way to be sure you are OK is to get tested and treated by your doctor.
The treatment is easy and effective. It's important to get checked because, if left untreated, may cause long-term health problems.
It is important to let your partner /partners know about the condition to prevent the further spread of the diseases.

If you really don't want to contact your partner by yourself, GP a at Haynes medical centre willing to help you. We can help by:

  • Contacting your partner on your behalf by phone, letter, email or SMS without ever mentioning your name.
  • We can notify specially trained staff that works for the communicable disease section of the health department to contact your partner.
  • These are known as contact tracers, will not reveal your name to your partner under any circumstances
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