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Pap smear

A Pap test can save your life.

What is a Pap smear?

It checks for changes in the cells of your cervix- neck of your uterus / womb.

Changes are due to the HPV virus activity on your cervix.

Sex can introduce this virus to your body which can cause cervical cancer later.

Pap smear can find the earliest signs of cervical cancer.

If caught early, the chance of curing cervical cancer is very high. Treatment can prevent most cases of cervical cancer from developing.

Every woman over 18 years and less than 70  who has ever had sexual contact with male partner / female partner should have regular Pap smears every 2 yearly regardless of  vaccination status for prevention of cervical cancer /HPV vaccination.

Women who started sex before the age of 18, multiple sexual partners, partner who had multiple partners, ever had other sexually transmitted infections are at higher risk.
The Pap smear is a simple procedure.

A Pap smear only takes a few minutes.

All the GPs in Rockingham GP are well trained to perform Pap smear; it can cause little discomfort but should not cause pain.

So book an appointment without delay for your pap smear which can save your life.

Results of the Pap smear usually it takes 1 week.

Most of the time, test results are normal. There are many reasons for abnormal Pap test results. It usually does not mean you have cancer. So do not panic when you get a phone call from the surgery for a non urgent appointment. Just talk to the GP and he / she will explain more about the results. We do not do this over the phone.

We maintain a recall system in our practice which will remind you the due date of Pap smear.

If you need more details, just talk to your GP or visit